Staying connected with your clients is now easier than ever – with Smart Business Cards by SOLUENCY™

This revolutionary concept enables you to store all of your important information in one digital profile on a physical card customized with your branding. With the special NFC chip, data can be transferred simply by tapping your Smart Business Card™ to a phone. That’s right – no more fishing for paper cards or memorizing details – letting a potential customer or collaborator walk away with all of your information couldn’t be simpler.

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How it Works

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    Place Your Order

    You can easily order your Smart Business Cards by Soluency™ online. To start, you simply need to select the number of cards you want to purchase and complete the checkout process. You'll then be contacted for any additional information needed. Payment is securely processed during checkout.

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    Submit Profile Details

    You will then receive an email link to complete your profile by filling out business name, website address, social media links, vCard info, and short bio. This information will help ensure that your cards accurately reflect who you are, how to contact you, and what services or products you offer.

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    Approve Your Card Design

    After submitting your profile details, you will receive a digital proof of your Smart Business Card™ design and profile. You can easily request changes as necessary. Once approved, Soluency will proceed with printing your Smart Business Card(s)™ using professional-grade quality standards.

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    Card Delivery

    After approval of the card design is received, production begins immediately and cards usually ship within 1-3 days depending on volume and location of delivery. All orders come with tracking information so customers can track progress until delivery is complete. Local pickup is available

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    Start Tapping

    Upon receipt of your Smart Business Cards by Soluency™, you are now ready to start using them for networking purposes and exchanging contact information with potential clients or partners quickly and conveniently anytime and anywhere!

Upgrade Your Networking Game Instantly

Smart Business Card™

No more fumbling to hand out business cards or write down your contact info, which may be outdated by the time someone tries to reach you. No more second-guessing what channels they can use to find your social media accounts. Just pull out your Smart Business Card™ and let them know all they need to in a few seconds without leaving their phone!

Fast and Easy Exchange of Contact Details

With Soluency’s Smart Business Cards™, professional connections are now easier than ever. With just a single tap, you can exchange contact information with a client or contact. These physical cards fit in your wallet like any other card, and are powered by NFC technology that quickly and easily transfers your contact details to any nearby phones.

Custom Designs

Smart Business Cards by Soluency™ are custom designed with your branding, so you can ensure that they fit with your business’ personality. Our cards come in a sleek form factor, similar to a credit card, making them easy to store in your wallet and have on hand when you need to share your contact details. Plus, there are no subscription fees required, so you can order as many cards as you need.


Professional Profile

Smart Business Cards by Soluency™ are the perfect way to share your contact details with a single tap. You will have a professional profile with all of your contact details, social media platforms, and pertinent business information. No need to download any apps or pay any subscription fees - all you need is this Smart Business Card™ with your custom design and branding. A QR code is included as a backup, so you can always scan it if needed.

No Subscription Fees, No Apps Needed

The best part? Our Smart Business Cards™ come with no subscription fees, so you don’t have to worry about any recurring costs. And there’s no need to download any apps - just tap your card, and you’re ready to go.

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Smart Business Card™


Introducing Smart Business Cards

The perfect way to stay connected in an ever-changing digital world. Our cards are designed with your business needs in mind, allowing you to share your contact details in style and with a simple tap of your card. We've crafted our cards from durable PVC, making them waterproof and ready for anything! With custom designs, your business card can stand out from the pack and make the perfect impression. Unlike traditional cards, Soluency Smart Business Cards provide even more information about you and your business on one profile. You can include all of your contact details, website address, and social media links to give potential customers a complete understanding of who you are. With NFC technology built-in, simply tap or scan the back of the card to access these features. Don't worry about subscription fees – this is a single purchase for life!

For added convenience, we've included a QR code backup just in case a recipient can't use NFC technology. Thanks to our no app download feature, everyone will be able to get all the important information off their phone quickly and easily. So what are you waiting for? Get started today and share your contact details with a revolutionary edge!


Contact Us

If you have any questions about Smart Business Cards by Soluency™, our friendly customer service team is here to help. With a single tap, you can share your contact details and pertinent business information with ease and confidence. Our Smart Business Cards™ are specially designed to fit in your wallet just like a credit card and feature NFC technology that securely transfers your contact details to another device. For extra security, every card includes a unique QR code that can be scanned or as a backup when needed. Contact us today for more information about how Soluency's Smart Business Cards™ can help you simplify sharing your contact info!

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